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He goes for a walk by the river and meets Mike Johnson, a lieutenant from the nearby U. Polly le them to the quarry where Dennis has managed to free Norman and Mary, who trap Grainger and Millington in the shed. Among the most popular were: "Bill the Brickie", which showed a bricklayer "building" words out of bricks, demonstrating the use of units of words or morphemes. Meanwhile, Mary overhears an interesting conversation between Grainger and Miss Millington.

Each story had its own individual theme tune, many of which are well remembered ajd fans of the programme. Spokane friendly sane guy edit ] Some of the most memorable moments of the programme were its educational songs.

In the s and early s the plots also started to contain contemporary issues such as pollution.

Also, Norman's mother comes to visit him on his birthday. Each episode of the serials would contain a limited vocabulary allowing teachers, who were given notes for the series, to present specific lessons with each episode in mind. Episode 6 Bombs In The Country 19 February The mystery woman introduces herself as Vivienne Belling, and she claims to be a government photographer.

Invest in children's education today.

It went "I'm an apostrophe, to shorten words you say to me; I'm not a comma, I'm not a full stop, don't put me on the line - I go at the top! Episode 10 Captured 25 March The children learn that Grainger and Miss Millington are simply black marketeers rather than spies.

Norman and Dennis are caught by Grainger, but are saved by Luigi, who Grainger has arrested shortly afterwards for stealing from the Hall. The character, voiced by actor Charles Collingwoodknew all about grammar and words and taught how to use and recognise them.

Background[ edit ] The first programmes Soldier wanting to meet now schools in Britain were broadcast in With the help of the local librarian, he writes the story of his adventure. Popular new educational songs were introduced which would remain until into the 90s as well as the character Wordy see below.

Story[ edit ] In the modern day, adult Norman Starkey goes to the fictional village of Westbourne in Shropshire where he was evacuated during the Second World War. In the present, Norman is finally reunited with Polly. Warrives to help on the farm. Norman later spies Grainger giving a package to Vivienne Belling. Early material was mostly aimed at secondary school pupils and seen as a convenient method of demonstration in subjects such as science and geography.

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The plots of the stories were written to appeal to children, initially inspired by adventure serials, and often featured puzzles for the characters to solve using their reading reav, which was also reflected in the material given to pupils. Teachers were also provided with story books, or "pupil pamphlets", for each serial, from which they could provide their pupils the story as well as tihs and games. The story in each episode was divided into two instalments by a teaching segment which gave the children material to read and animated instructions on how to read it.

Towards the latter part thiw the s the programme lasies to steer away from some of the elements of the past by, in some cases, removing songs and combining teaching elements with the story segment of the programme. Meanwhile, Mary is being forced to do the housework by Grainger and Millington. Three children, young Norman, Dennis and Mary are evacuated to Westbourne, away from the bombs. Mary is moved to Wells Farm and the charges against Luigi are dropped and he returns to work on the Farm.

Big, representing capital letters, and Miss Full Stop Lollypop, representing as in her name, full stops. The next day, however, an even bigger surprise awaits the kids in their secret meeting place the greenhouse at Westbourne Hall.

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He recounts being sent off to Westbourne where he meets Cyril Jenkins and another evacuee, Mary Parker. Later, Mary writes a letter to her parents and gives it to Millington to Looj. Also, Polly and Dennis spot a German plane.

With a high-pitched voice and distinctive appearance the character has since become one of the most remembered aspects of the programme, and last appeared in the story "Sky Hunter II". Also, Miss Millington steals Mary's money and accuses Mary of stealing Horny women personals Bagdad Arizona her.

On the way back to the Farm, Polly and Dennis encounter a strange woman who bears a striking resemblance to the woman in the poster Cyril Jenkins showed them. However, Millington re the letter in which Mary describes to her parents how horrible Grainger and Miss Millington are, how badly they're treating her, and begs them to come and get her.

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However, the kids are suspicious of her. Laeies and Mary try to call the police from Westbourne Hall, but are caught by Grainger and Millington and locked in a shed. They refuse to take Norman, but take Mary instead. Episodes[ edit ] Episode 1 Sent Away 15 January Middle-aged Norman Starkey, a former wartime evacueefinds his old scrapbookand decides to write a book about his experience, so he he back to Westbourne. Army base who shows him how to fish.

The children come across what they think is a trail of spies, but the of suspects is very high and the children have to solve the mystery. Later, the whole village attends a lecture where Cyril Jenkins shows them a series of posters of people who may be spies in disguise, but one poster in particular startles Norman, Dennis and Polly; an image of a woman in half a Nazi uniform and half normal clothing stays in their minds. Norman is driven to nearby Wells Farm where he is taken in by kindly Amy Hobbs, who has recently taken in another evacuee named Dennis Sealey.

That night, Mary follows Grainger and Millington to try to find out what they're up to. During the s the programme began to bring in many new elements for a new generation of viewers. Meanwhile, in the present, Norman decides to track down Polly.

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Mary tries to uncover evidence to prove Grainger's a spy. Meanwhile, Mary agrees to help Polly and Dennis find out if Grainger is a spy. A large orange character, vaguely resembling a ' golfball ' type element from a contemporary typewriter of the tbislqdies letters on his body, the character featured in the teaching section of the programme, introducing himself as Mr. Episode 7 Surprise 4 March Polly and Dennis narrowly avoid being killed by the German plane's bombs.

Over 18 million children

The serial took the format, which the programme would continue for many years, of each episode's story being divided into two instalments with an educational section in the middle to teach children the relevant material. Watchword, or "Wordy" for short. Programme format[ edit ] Although originally produced for the series Merry-Go-Round, " Bob and Carol Look for Treasure " lafies broadcast as the first Look and Read story in the spring of Norman's mother arrives at the Farm to take Norman home.